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Mobile APPS

Mobile APPS

Mobile phone apps were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval, including email, calendar, contacts, and other things such as weather information.

Many of the original business apps were developed to support the processes of specific companies, and were paid by those companies. We are all aware of the apps, many of them free, that we can get for our smartphones enabling us to access our bank accounts, buy stuff on Amazon or track how fit and healthy we are. In more recent times business apps have also been made available ‘out of the box’ and therefore provided free with the base software. 

With the R3 release of AX2012 a number of apps were made available to help increase business connectedness, efficiency and user productivity. These standard apps include: timesheets; expenses; approvals etc. Annata has created 2 apps that will be available ‘out of the box’ with Annata 365 for Dynamics, which provide functionality for the automotive and equipment markets. This release is part of an ongoing program to make more functionality available to mobile users.

The 2 business mobile apps are:

Mobile mechanic 

Sales advisor

Mobile mechanic APP

Mobile Mechanics or Field Service Engineers may be working on vehicles or pieces of equipment in very remote locations, for example they could be working at a mine in the middle of the Australian outback or a forest in the far north of Sweden. However, they could also be carrying out service work on a piece of machinery in a factory, which is obviously not as remote as the other scenarios but their needs will be very similar. 

In the past it is likely that they will have recorded parts used or hours spent on the job on a piece of paper or maybe, in more advanced examples, especially where apps have been created for a company, recorded hours on the calendar function on their smartphone. Maybe separately they could have taken a photograph of damage to a piece of equipment and emailed this back to their office, where it could be filed away for future reference.

The Mobile Mechanic app is designed to be used by mechanics that need to perform work on-site and equally importantly, out of network connection (which is especially true in the 2 examples mentioned earlier). The app offers the possibility to download all service information needed so the user can perform the work, register labor and material usage, look at service history, take images, audio or video and record information needed. 

When the user gets into network connection all the information registered can be synced back to Annata for Dynamics. Additional functionality enables conflicting information to be handled efficiently, with the user able to define the most up to date information which can then be saved on the device record.

The following list shows the main features of the Mobile mechanic app:

  • Offline capabilities
  • Sync data to and from client
  • Scheduling overview and upcoming cases
  • Labor and material consumption
  • Camera, audio and attachment functionalities
  • Service history
  • Summary and signature

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Sales Advisor APP

One of the ‘pains’ that a sales person experiences is the ‘dis-connect’ between handling a prospect in the showroom and the information that they want to share with the potential customer. Perhaps they need to give them a brochure relating to the vehicle they are interested in, they might want to talk about availability of the vehicle – which means going back to their desk to look on the computer, the sales person will also want to arrange a test drive and eventually provide a quotation. 

The sorts of issues mentioned above are also likely to frustrate a potential customer that might have to spend longer time at the vehicle showroom. What if all of these actions, and more, could be combined through a mobile application – enabling everything to happen whilst the prospect is sat in the vehicle that they are interested in buying?

The Sales Advisor app is aimed at sales personnel and will give them the possibility to register opportunities, create and go through sales quotations (Device configurator, Trade-specification, Trade-in etc.), assign testdrives and follow other steps in the sales process. This app will be used when connected to a network.

The following list shows the main features of the Sales advisor app.

  • Opportunities
  • Sales process
  • Quotation and quotation lines
  • Configurator
  • Trade-in
  • Specification
  • Financing, insurance, warranty offering and more.
  • Send and confirm quotation

Read more about our Sales Advisor APP with our FREE white paper!

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Technical requirements

  • The apps communicate with Microsoft Dynamics AX through the Azure service bus
  • The configuration for the service bus is the same as for the standard companion apps from Microsoft. But the connection is through the IIS
  • The Annata Dynamics Apps can be installed on any device running Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8.1 RT - The new Windows 10 is also supported.
  • The version supporting the APPS is IDMS 6.20 for AX 20012 R3 CU8 and IDMS 6.30 for R3 CU9