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Equipment User-Centric Strategies

User-Centric Strategies

The ability to maximize product uptime via next generation machines makes subscription models and product-as-a-service a reality. Learn more about Annata’s cloud-based business solutions for the equipment industry.

Technological Advances

Adoption of new technologies and business processes such as IoT becomes imperative as business models that offer consumers flexibility gain traction among industrial manufacturers. Learn more about cloud computing technology in the heavy equipment industry.

Autonomous Operations

A potential disruption to the ecosystem of heavy machineries, remote-controlled services promote workplace productivity and safety for operators. Learn how Annata helps every customer build their digital capability into every aspect of their business.

Greener, Cleaner Future

Nurture a sustainable platform and maintain adherence to environmental policies by improving operational efficiency.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Integrated activities and data drives productivity and operational efficiency when pressure increases on industry supply chains. Learn how Annata's rental solution efficiently manages all the processes involved in a rental business.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Equipment Businesses

Annata 365 is an award-winning business management solution that leverages on the technological power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides intuitive business solutions designed specifically for businesses in the equipment industry.

These unified technology solutions are tailor-made to assist equipment manufacturers, distributors, rental companies and fleet operators to master the most complex business and service processes enabling digitization, automation and advanced analytics to give you the tools it needs to keep the business productive and effective.

Be it in construction, forestry, agricultural equipment, material handling, industrial machinery, demolition or even waste management, we cater to businesses dealing with light equipment all the way to heavy duty equipment.

The ideal solution for any business in the Equipment Industry.

We design solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses involved in the construction, trading, distribution, sale and maintenance of equipment and other devices, either these pertain to the main product or its various parts. Our solution is also perfectly suited for those involved in equipment maintenance business and repair shops.

Powerful & easy to use

Providing you with all the business-specific processes needed to run your business.

Solutions tailored to a complex, global industry

Dedicated solutions that allow you to digitally transform opportunities as well as challenges in the heavy equipment industry.

Technologically advanced

We provide a strong focus in adapting artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics into our cloud-based solutions.

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Explore Our Solutions In The Equipment Industry

Dealer Portal

Enhance the communication between dealers, importers and manufacturers.

Import and Dealer Management

Manage the cradle to grave processes in device management and import.


Increase mobile inspections productivity, drive mobility and consistency with the Annata 365 Inspections.


Deliver rich business information that achieves the optimal value in your rental business. 


Drive personalized customer journeys in automotive retail.

A365 Sales


Improves efficiency, reliability, and profitability of the service process through advanced support for industry-specific requirements


Optimize the warranty handling process and increase the warranty revenue with Annata 365 Warranty

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